Hello world!

Welcome to My Right Foot. This is site is dedicated to the display of a collection of photos that I have been working on since 1993.

So what’s the story? Well, like many young people looking to explore the world I spent my last year living, studying, working and traveling in Ecuador, South America. I was an avid photographer at the time and took hundreds of pictures in my first few weeks alone. I sent them all home to my Mom for safe keeping but got a singular reply. “Love the pictures, but why are you not in any?, Mom”

Being a bit reserved about handing my Minolta XG1 to a stranger, I figured a way to show my Mom that I was really taking the pictures, and alive and well somewhere in South America.

I’ve taken this project one step further since coming home and printed calendars for my Mom and family over the years.  So the purpose of this site is to share the photos I have with the world, tell a few stories and waste a bit more time on the inter-web.

Best regards,